Joseph Pierce August 10, 2018

[ad_1] Hackers have set their eyes on the PGA Championship’s computer system in the latest cyber heist, demanding a Bitcoin ransom. According to Newsmax, the PGA’s computer system suffered a security breach leaving some files inaccessible unless a Bitcoin 00 ransom is paid. While viewers are glued to their screens, the PGA will be hard at […]

Joseph Pierce August 9, 2018

[ad_1] Researchers at Duo Labs have discovered that Twitter is home to at least 15,000 scam bots and have published their findings in a new report. Between May and July of 2018, staff members observed, collected and analyzed nearly 90 million public Twitter accounts that had released over 500 million tweets. In addition, researchers also […]

Joseph Pierce August 8, 2018

[ad_1] The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has delayed their decision on the commodity-backed Bitcoin ETF. The final determination is pushed ahead, as expected. The Waiting Begins In a notice dated August 7, the SEC announced they are pushing back the decision on what would be the very first regulatory approved Bitcoin00 exchange-traded fund […]

Joseph Pierce August 5, 2018

[ad_1] Stock “Market Maven,” CEO, and author Clem Chambers believes Google Trends statistics for the search term “Bitcoin” are telling us that the worst is over for Bitcoin investors. But, that’s no good if you are waiting for the new low before you buy. Searching for a Bitcoin Boom Chambers, recently writing for Forbes, gathered some […]

Joseph Pierce August 2, 2018

[ad_1] One year ago to the day, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) came into existence after a hard fork from the Bitcoin blockchain. It has been an interesting 12 months since the fork gave birth to BCH, as proponents have continuously argued the merits between Bitcoin (BTC) and BCH. Nevertheless, on the anniversary of the creation of […]

Joseph Pierce August 1, 2018

[ad_1] Cryptocurrencies are not exactly bathed in the light of righteousness right now when it comes to the environment. Despite not having a physical form, they are ultimately responsible for a substantial amount of environmental impact. This has stemmed from news stories detailing how, in Iceland, more electricity is being used to mine Bitcoin than […]

Joseph Pierce July 31, 2018

[ad_1] SEC commissioner Hester M. Pierce has enjoyed a massive influx of followers pursuant to her official disagreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent denial of the Winklevoss-proposed Bitcoin ETF.  Crypto Mom? SEC Commissioner Hester M. Pierce recently dissented with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s disapproval of the proposed rule change to list and trade […]

Joseph Pierce July 29, 2018

[ad_1] After five long months of working with South Carolina officials, Genesis Mining has been dropped from the cease and desist order it received back in March 2018 from the South Carolina Securities Division. The company will relaunch to U.S.-based customers shortly. This marks one of the first times a blockchain company has fought back […]